Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some popular and important questions we’ve been asked – we hope you find the answers you’re looking for.

Please log into your Account. Under the Downloads tab, find your template then select Download

Each template will include a note with install steps. Please read the Install Instructions PDF before emailing support please.

No. For the time being all downloads are limited to 3 with a 60 day time limit, after the time limit expires the download will not be accessible in your account. So make sure you save the file template locally.

All required plugins will be listed on the template description page and contain a link to the plugin, also in the Install Instructions PDF. Some links are affiliate links, so show some love 😃

No. Any and all plugins are not included in any template. This is because we cannot legally resell plugins that is not ours. 

The area where the plugin is used in the template will be blank. However, as long as you have Elementor, much of the template will be imported. Optionally, you can use an alternative plugin to achieve the desired look of the plugin you’re missing.

Google fonts and custom fonts are often used. Custom fonts are listed in the font link PDF contained in the download.

No. By default the template will use the theme’s font you have setup. Unless you first install the reference custom font.

No specific theme is needed, in fact the templates can be used in many themes, however Astra is our favorite theme. So we recommend it.

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